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Rarotonga Brewery is the third iteration of the same brewing company that was brought to Rarotonga in the mid 1990s .The brewing equipment was sold in 2010 to Edward (Tuki) and Ngatokorua (Tooks) Née Née. Tuki and Tooks operated the brewing company for 3 years selling Cooks lager, before health and family issues caused them to close down and put the brewing equipment into storage. Fast forward to April of 2017 and the establishment of a new partnership with Brett and Cavelle Porter and Stephen and Hayley Plowman who own Hallertau Brewery in River head North Auckland. 'The opportunity came up to lease what was known as the 'Frangi' building in Nikao and to re-establish there.'' says Tuki. “We sold the old brewery plant and upgraded to a new more efficient plant. The building was perfect for the purpose and with our new partners we knew that we could make this work really well." "Whilst the brewing process has not changed in decades the technological developments have been absolutely amazing especially in terms of temperature control. We have invested in this technology and this will enable us to make a great product consistently''

We service our customers by Keg and tap delivery to bars and restaurants. We also sell to the public in 2 litre and 4 litre stainless steel Flagons that are double skinned with sealable lids. These are a great product as well and are a game changer in terms of the way people buy and carry their beer on the island. By staying away from glass bottles, it has become a better option for those who are weary and conscious of landfill waste. When you consider the logistics of getting a beer from Mexico or Italy or Japan or wherever and delivering it to a bar in Rarotonga for 5 or 6 bucks, it is an amazingly efficient process. We know that to compete with that our job is to make a great beer that visitors appreciate and our locals are proud to call their own. We can do that, and that's our commitment.

Over 30 establishments on the island have already jumped at the opportunity to have our top quality craft beer on tap at their establishments. If you have a thirst and a taste for good beer, check out the Rarotonga Brewery opposite Oasis in Nikao or ask for it at all leading bars and restaurants.