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The Rarotonga Brewery is proud to present it's most famous drop "Cook Islands Lager"
This crisp refreshing lager is brewed with passion to ensure a clear pale amber colour with a medium sized white head delivering mild bitterness and sourced from the finest ingredients.

Founded in 2016, Rarotonga Brewery has quickly grown into a local icon, having rapidly gained popularity among locals and tourists alike. The philosophy behind it all is simple – produce a high-quality beer that competes with the world's best. No doubt, the locals are proud to call it their own

Following the 'Reinheitsgebot' or 'German Purity Law' for beer, Cook Islands Lager is brewed with essentially only three ingredients; water, hops, and grains. No additives, no preservatives. Some say it also means there's no hangover too. Although it sounds simple enough, brewing this beer is no easy task. Our Brewers are up at the crack of dawn perfecting the sweet science that is Cook Islands Lager. You could say beer is in our veins.

The end result? A crisp, clean, refreshing lager with a clear amber colour and a medium sized head. The fresh taste is undeniable. Although the beer is delivered fresh around the island daily, it's hard to beat one straight from the source. Come on down to Rarotonga Brewery (located opposite The Oasis gas station in Nikao) and try one for yourself

You can’t import fresh beer